Sharepoint Archiving

Let your SharePoint solution "fly"

  • Can SharePoint be the central point for all information in my company?
  • How can an optimal archiving strategy for my File Shares and Document Repositories look like?
  • How can I comply with the compliance-rules in SharePoint?
  • How can I detect content based business problems and enhancement potential to get a faster ROI?

With a SharePoint strategy from AXXEDO you can answer all these questions and you can put your feet up and relax with this task, because:

AXXEDO shows you, how to generate additional benefit with an optimal SharePoint archiving strategy. You get access to all information in your company, the information will be managed effectivley and also strict compliance-rules will be observed, content based business problem also will be showed as possible cost savings and potential improvements. 

With a SharePoint archive solution from AXXEDO you always win.