Digital audit - conforming to the law, but how and with whom?

  • I have read, that the company audit will proceed digitally in the future. Am I already prepared for the next visit of the auditor? 
  • If one of the 14,000 auditors, who are equipped with new hard- and software, comes to our company, which data does he/she want from me?
  • In future audits, a process documentation will be required. How do I get this process documentation?
  • Does our previous documentation comply with the requirements of the GDPdU?

With the GDPDU-archive solution from AXXEDO you have an answer to all of these questions.

In 3 compact steps to the implementation of the GoBD

During one of the GoBD-Workshops, you will get all information about legal and general requirements and their implemenation.

In the second step the actual-state inventory of the systems, modules, data stores and processes to be included, is made in your company.

In the third step follows the implemenation of the GoBD.

The creation of process documentation with appropriate documentation software is included th the implememtation.

The GoBD-archive solution from AXXEDO is practice-oriented demand-oriented.