E-MAIL Archiving 

Have you asked yourself these or similar questions ones before?

  • Can I find all of my e-mails again in order to conform to GoBD (german principles of legal and regular accounting), KonTraG (german law of control and transparency in business) or SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley-Act)?
  • My Outlook/GroupWise/Notes-inbox is full. Can I relieve the server without losing information?
  • I knew there was once an e-mail? But how can i find this quickly?
  • Can I provide proof of any correspondence in a legal case, also in the form of e-mails?

With an e-mail archive solution from AXXEDO, you can answer all these question with "yes". You can put your feet up and relax, because:

The automated and audit-compliant storage of e-mails, you not only fulfil the legal obligations, you also simplifiy the access. Information can be found more quickly and qualified. At the same time your e-mail system will be relieved from the growing flood of messages and therefore accelerate the access to all e-mails.

The e-mail archive solutions from AXXEDO are practice-oriented and demand-oriented. We develop and configure your tailor-made solution according to your requirements based on standard software of well-known manufacturers.

Wether you use Outlook, Groupwise or Notes, with archive solutions from AXXEDO you will always win.