How can I find files and documents quickly and safely?

  • While being on the phone, I often cannot provide information immediatley, because the files are on my colleague´s desk. How can you improve this?
  • Due to the sheer number of sites, the documents are sometimes too decentralised and distributed over different locations. How can I keep this under control?
  • More and more electronic post arrives in the company. What is the best way to bring paper and electronic documents together?
  • There are new legal regulations for the retention of documents. Can I fulfil these requirements?

Relax and settle back!
With a document management solution from AXXEDO, you have the answer to all these questions.

The structured repository of correspondence, contracts, receipts, e-mails and drawings, which come from various applications, simplifies processes in your company.

Targeted research significantly speeds up access to previous documents. Information can now be found quickly and qualified from any location.

At the same time you fulfil legal requirements through audit-compliant storage with an archiving component.

A document management solution from AXXEDO is practice- and demand oriented.