Collaboration / Social ECM

You have to share documents with external individuals? If yes, you surely asked yourself in this context:

  • Is there the possibilty that external partners can access to a clearly defined section of a digital file?
  • How can I ensure, that only authorized personsal has access, directly and immediatly after creation or scanning of documents? 
  • How can I synchronize the documents with my internal systems automatically?
  • Can I avoid multiple filing of the same documents or data?

Together with the experts from AXXEDO you can develop a viable strategy for your requirements in the range of Collaboration / Social ECM, because:

  • By using a central access option for external partners, multiple filing and duplicates will be avoided.
  • Integrated workflows accelerate the execution of internal processes and enable all responsible users immediate access to documents right after creation or scanning.
  • Group structure and teamwork can be arranged more efficiently with granular authorization rights. A collective filing structure can help to access interdisciplinary infomation.  Content-related documents can be consolidated together to a digital file. Repetitive queries and counter productive search efforts will be avoided.