automatic invoice processing

Tailor-made AIP solutions
Questions within the financial area at the end of the month, quarter or business year?

  • I don´t know exactly how many invoices we received this month. It is possible that there are still "suprise invoices" on the way?
  • The mailing routing from external points to the central headquarters often takes a long time. How can I speed this up?
  • I cannot complete my reporting because some invoices have not been booked yet. How can I improve that in the future?
  • The cost center manager is on a business trip for a while. How can he approve invoices when he is out of the office?

Relax and settle back!
With the AIP archive solution from AXXEDO, you have the answer to all these questions and you are always on the safe side.

Through the automatic invoice processing you have a central monitoring of the incoming invoice documents and corresponding finance volume. From scanning to booking and payment (invoice ledger), you know exactly at which stage you are. With this you speed up your internal processes significantly.

Furthermore you fulfil the legal requirements according to retention obligation and burden of proof.

The AIP archive solution from AXXEDO is practice-oriented and demand-oriented.